About Us


The Yessayan-Denkerian group was established in 1989 to import truck spare parts, agricultural industrial equipment and industrial supplies in general.

Pneumatic and hydraulic control systems are the basis of modern industry and automation, therefore the group decided to establish the company in 1998.

Our company entered this field from its widest gates thanks to our unique management style, in addition to our experience of over fifteen years. As a result of our efforts, based on scientific expertise of our technical staff and our deep knowledge of local industries and existing production plants, we were soon acting as agents for more than fifteen dominating companies (European & Asian).

Our company successfully combined quality with competitive pricing, due to our long marketing experience and the range of our products, which exceed 6500 items. We were soon able to penetrate neighboring markets, (Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan).

Our company characteristics:

- Honesty in dealing with clients and suppliers.

- We offer our wide experience in finding suitable solutions and after-sale service.

- Delivery of orders to any place in Syria in a maximum of 24 hours.

- We guarantee the availability of spare parts and provide maintenance for all merchandise imported by our company.

Mission statements:

YD group is committed to deliver exceptional, personalized and flexible service to our customers. We understand our customers’ wants and needs and will work hard to provide innovative, practical and reasonably priced solutions.

Vision Statement:

Stay successful and be ahead of the competition by introducing new products and services based on the needs of our customers and market conditions.